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ISE – Basics of Exploration

Innerspace Explorers; Basics of Exploration Covering topics/certification of use of; -Nitrox (upto 40%) -Triox (upto mixes including 30% Helium, 30% Oxygen) (Only the technical version) -Use of Twin cylinders -Use of a Stage Cylinder (Only the technical version) -Gas switch procedures (Only the technical version) -Propulsion Techniques (Frogkick, Modified Frogkick, Modified Flutter, Backwards kick, Helicopter turn) -Buoyancy and Trim *You MUST be at least an Open Water (agency non specific to enroll and attend this class) *Course CAN be completed in a single cylinder config, twin cylinder config, sidemount config, or any CCR that you are certified on) *Course cost does not include the gas costs, travel costs, or accommodation of necessary staff (if applicable)